Hi, I'm Jen!  But you can call me by my initials, "JLO".

I have lived throughout Alaska since 2002, and the wild people and places of this state continue to inspire me. I have been obsessed with making photos since I was a young girl growing up in the Pacific Northwest. Like many 80's kids, I started with 110 cameras and cheap point and shoot 35mm cameras.  Then I began experimenting with my Dad's old Minolta until I bought my first Minolta SRT101 (which I still own) and a Minolta Maxxum 9 that I still regret parting with.

And I've always had a camera nearby, ever since.  My education consists of 4H photography club, high school and college courses, and independent learning.  I fondly remember countless blissful hours in many different darkrooms, and was very doubtful about digital cameras when they first began emerging in my college days.  I continued to devotedly use my film cameras until 2008, and have been playing with lots of different digital cameras since then.  

I am different from many photographers, in that I take pride in having budget prices.  I do this because photography is exciting to me, and because I want to share with others.  I operate mostly at cost, so that you can have memories of the special people and events that matter to you.  

I look forward to meeting you!  ~JLO